Famicom Mini-Review Showcase: Takeru/Sur-De-Wave Pt. 1

December 1, 2016 // Published by Stephen Keating

By Kitten Takeru was a small developer that only ever put two games out for the Famicom under the Sur-De-Wave label. It was founded by a small group of industry veterans who largely felt stifled by their previous employers. They went bankrupt not terribly long after formation, mostly due to their overly ambitious adventure game, […]

A Trip Through Game Boy History in 15 Games – Chikyu Kaiho Gun ZAS

September 19, 2016 // Published by Stephen Keating

By Kitten Chikyu Kaiho Gun ZAS (JP December 18, 1992) Obscure outside of the realm of serious collectors, ZAS is what is quite possibly the most technically impressive game in the entire Game Boy library… Which is doubly impressive when you bother to consider that it was the first and last game the team working […]