Kojima Women: Metal Gear Solid

July 14, 2014 // Published by Rei

“It’s rude to keep a lady waiting.” — Naomi Hunter No female character in Metal Gear Solid is treated with any semblance of gender parity, but Hideo Kojima and company come closest with Ukrainian weapons analyst Nastasha Romanenko. This is partly because Snake is never required to speak to her. Nastasha is the only named character other […]

Kojima Women: Metal Gear 2

March 20, 2014 // Published by Rei

Solid Snake infiltrates the fortress nation of Zanzibar Land to rescue Dr. Kio Marv, whose bioengineered microorganism, OILIX, holds the key to solving the world’s energy crisis. “She’s a woman.  Don’t be fooled by her enemy disguise…” — Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar When Solid Snake encounters the again-imprisoned Dr. Pettrovich Madnar, Madnar mentions to Snake […]