Tetsuya Nomura’s Batman

July 25, 2017 // Published by Rei

Alfred spent over an hour meticulously adjusting screws and ensuring socket joints would rotate with each flex of Bruce’s neck and shoulder muscles. Bruce insisted that Alfred refer to these muscles as “the trapezes and the delts”. For the duration that Alfred worked on the suit, Bruce had to be wearing it, making Alfred’s job […]

A Trip Through Game Boy History in 15 Games – Batman The Animated Series

October 2, 2016 // Published by Stephen Keating

By Kitten Batman: The Animated Series (NA November, 1993; JP December, 1993) As I’ve already discussed to some extent, the curse of the Game Boy was to slowly be flooded with unending amounts of poorly made, licensed games. Why bother to design these games well when it’s not the quality of your product that’s making […]