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Romhacking Histories

August 18, 2014 // Published by Stephen Keating

In the second romcast Garret and Troy go over the history of Eien Ni Hen, one of the scene’s most prolific and respected translators. We discuss her completed works, as well as upcoming projects and some possible dream translations. Projects Dicussed Arabian Nights Emerald Dragon Ancient Magic Dragon Scroll Nadia Maten Douji/Conquest of the Crystal […]

Romhacking Histories

May 10, 2014 // Published by Stephen Keating

The first of hopefully many histories regarding romhacking. This is a discussion between Troy James and Pennywise. Projects Megami Tensei Bayou Billy/Mad City Bionic Commando Akira and more… Translators mentioned Eien Ni Hen Translator Tom Satsu Other Mentioned Works From Software and Demon’s Souls.