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Romhacking Histories

August 12, 2015 // Published by Stephen Keating

An interview with D. We talk about his hacks, including work on the Langrisser series, Heroine Anthem and Magna Carta. In addition, we also talk about the various tools developed by D throughout the years to work with the many different kinds of data involved in romhacking and a great deal of the history of […]

Romhacking Histories

February 9, 2015 // Published by Stephen Keating

An interview with DarkDaiz. We cover his hack, Mario Adventure as well as discuss his current hack, Koopa Kingdom Escape. He goes in-depth on his interest in the Mario series and provides an overview of the tools he has created for the hacks.  He discusses the tools he uses specifically, his level design philosophy and […]

Romhacking Histories

October 6, 2014 // Published by Stephen Keating

The third romcast with Garret (Pennywise) and Troy, interviewing Lenophis. We primarily discuss Lenophis’ work on Final Fantasy VI and the Pandora’s Box hack as well as his other Final Fantasy hacking tools, including the Final Fantasy VI randomizer and Final Fantasy II tools. We discuss the Final Fantasy series as a whole, as well […]