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An Interview with BachelorSoft

October 17, 2017 // Published by Stephen Keating

Recently we did an interview with BachelorSoft, an indie game developer exploring the open road and the fraught realities of bath towels. Contact them at @bachelorsoft or check out See below for the full interview. Hope you enjoy it! Etg: Hey there, how’s it going? Bachelor: Hey! I am doing fabulous. It is cool out […]


September 11, 2017 // Published by Stephen Keating

By Kitten Currency. Every single game operates in exchange of various currencies, whether they’re obvious or not. The most immediate ways we see it exchanged with games is in things like points or coins, but it extends to less obvious types like lives and health and even into figurative currencies like available time. That is […]

68000 Heart on Fire: Alien Soldier

August 25, 2017 // Published by Rei

Alien Soldier is one of the best lovers around. It wants to be yours, but it kisses with a sandpaper tongue and its hugs break bones. It’s over-eager, too, so when the direct approach doesn’t work, you both sit down and try to figure each other out. You learn that Alien Soldier won’t do what […]

Tetsuya Nomura’s Batman

July 25, 2017 // Published by Rei

Alfred spent over an hour meticulously adjusting screws and ensuring socket joints would rotate with each flex of Bruce’s neck and shoulder muscles. Bruce insisted that Alfred refer to these muscles as “the trapezes and the delts”. For the duration that Alfred worked on the suit, Bruce had to be wearing it, making Alfred’s job […]