TGS Day 4 wrap-up

September 19, 2010 // Published by Matthew Blackwell

It seems as though the news coming out of Tokyo has slowed down to a crawl now, so I'm going to highlight three games that I'm extremely excited about that I haven't gotten to talk about yet.

First up is the new game from From Software (they of the Demon's Souls variety), and it looks amazing and a lot like Demon's Souls. Now, Demon's Souls is a game I've never gotten to try, mostly because it's on the PS3, but I know it's a game that Stephen loves and its punishing yet supremely rewarding gameplay seems right up my alley. Thankfully, though, Project Dark (of course not a finished title) is coming out for both PS3 and XBox, so I'll actually get to try this one out. Yay! Here's the trailer:

Secondly, one of my very favourite development studios, and probably the one that all of us Vigigamers can agree on (Treasure) have announced that they're releasing graphically updated versions of two of their greatest games: Radiant Silvergun and Bangai-O. If you're a fan of intense, over the top action without even a semblance of "realism," then you should be just as excited for these games as I am. Radiant Silvergun in particular is a game that I've really wanted to try, but forking over hundreds of dollars to eBay just isn't an option. They're coming out next year on XBox Live.