Aldorlea Games

June 9, 2015 // Published by Stephen Keating

Today, we’re interviewing a developer from Aldorlea games, who goes by the moniker “Indinera Falls.” So to begin with, what games have you worked on and what is the game you’re most excited about right now?
Hi, I worked on a very big collection of games. Here is the full catalog since 2008:

Several of these games have already made it on Steam:

Right now I have to say I’m a bit in vacations mood. But when I resume game making, I’ll probably give a lot of attention to Little Hearts, which is due for release later this year.

What inspired you to make videogames?
When I was a teenager, I was really passionate about games like Phantasy Star and Shining Force, on the Megadrive (Genesis in America). This, along with my liking for fantasy stories, triggered in me the wish to create my own adventures.

Who are some of your personal inspirations?
When it comes to RPGs, definitely Phantasy Star and Shining Force, as mentioned above, along with Daggerfall and Might & Magic.

I believe I also get inspired by music, Genesis (the band, not the console) being my main muse, with their epic songs such as The Last Domino, Fading Lights or Dodo/Lurker.

What do videogames do that no other media can do?
Interactivity. You’re not watching Harry Potter, you ARE Harry Potter. So it’s very immersive.

What is your process like in designing a videogame?
First I need to have a cool story, with great characters and events that will leave the player on the edge of their seat. Then I must gather the appropriate set of resources and finally, onto the game making itself.

In general I create maps first then start adding sprites and events, and when I have enough material, I go back and forth between playing and making the game. Ultimately, when the game is “almost” ready, there is a long session of beta-testing consisting of several playthroughs. It’s not rare to have to replay the game 10+ times.

When you sit down and start work, is there anything specific that helps you with your process?
Yeah lol inspiration is the main drive. Then feeling good (not tired, not sick etc). Sometimes just the thought of having to enter the complexity of your game is tiring enough to go on Facebook instead. Then another thing that helps me focus is a great beat in my ears, some kind of addicting pulsating music.

Was there ever a time you considered leaving working on videogames? As an addenda, was it something you had been doing your entire life or was it something you eventually came to, and if so, why?

No, I never considered leaving for real, even if I’m upset about something, because this is one of the best jobs in the world. I came to the world of videogames in 2001 (as freeware creator) and 2008 as commercial creator. I’d done other jobs before, but none really ever held my interest.

This, along with rock star and novelist, is one of my favorite jobs.

What kinds of games do you want to make?
Games with a great story and interesting characters.

When is a game finished?
I guess I could say “never”. I tend to think it’s finished when it’s been released, but with players reporting bugs and/or things they’d like improved… you can come back to a game years after, really.

What frustrates you most about games?
Assuming you mean, as a player… it would be when I get unlucky.

How does a project need to feel in order to be good (to you)?
I need to have fun playing it.

Where is the best place to present a videogame?
My forum! xD

What do you intend to represent when presenting a videogame to the public?
Just myself, my imagination, what I have in my mind, nothing else.

Lastly, why videogames?
Because it was easier than to become a rock star or a novelist. :)